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FACE ROBOTS is an educational initiative to bring social robotics and innovations to organizations and companies for them to be prepared for the future full of robots.

Our vision is a prosperous world where every organization and company has its own robot that helps it better interact with the world and bring positive value to society.

Our mission is to teach young generations in the organizations and companies how to build and program social robots and develop engineer mindset in them through interactive and fun courses and workshops enhanced with elements of gamification.



The FACE ROBOTS course is an interactive and practical learning programme on social robotics, electronics, and hardware programming delivered in a gamified way.

The course is connected to the domains of IoT (Internet of Things) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) that are in high demand nowadays.

The FACE ROBOTS course allows you, as well as your colleagues, employees, and their children, to construct and program social robots and innovations, thus developing
engineer mindset and skills in electronics and hardware programming.



LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Nurture your skills in social robotics:
Learn the basics of sensors, actuators, and logic of programming by playing with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and building and programming your first robot.


Arduino and C/C++

Develop your engineer mindset:
Learn to assemble electronic circuits and program Arduino microcontrollers by using the Arduino Starter Kit and C/C++ language to create your social robot.


Raspberry Pi and Python

Advance your engineering experience:
Learn to design and create complex IoT systems and program Raspberry Pi microcontrollers by using the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit and Python language.


The uniqueness of the FACE ROBOTS course lies in the use of elements of gamification.

Our students benefit not only from interactive workshops and prototyping experiments. They also get access to an on-line platform, where they receive additional e-learning materials, practical tasks to accomplish, and challenges to test their knowledge & skills.

For completing the tasks and challenges students receive experience points indicating the progress each one has made, progression points visualizing their growth in certain domains of impact, and skill badges demonstrating the specific skills they developed.

At the end of the course the new graduates see how they have grown throughout the course and how their progress compares to the one of other students in the Leaderboard.

Results  and  Impact


Delivered in Moldova and Ukraine
during 3 years: 2016 - 2018.


Educated in social robotics through
the course and workshops.


(That we know of) created by the
graduates of the course.

Photo Gallery



One interactive workshop delivered on the topic
that is agreed together with you.
7  EUR
per person / per workshop
    3 hours of theory and practical prototyping
  • Real learning kits for you to experiment with
  • Unlimited access to all workshop materials


The entire course delivered to you and
other students who enroll in it.
57  EUR
per person / per course
  • 30 hours (10 workshops) of practical learning
  • Real learning kits to use throughout the course
  • Unlimited access to all course materials


Special course adjusted to your needs and delivered to your colleagues, employees, and their children.
please contact us to discuss
    Custom number of workshops that is agreed upon
  • Real learning kits brought for students to use
  • Unlimited access to custom developed materials


“I study applied Informatics, and I want to apply the skills gained in my future business related to electronics and 3D printing.”

“The world of programming is very interesting for me: you can implement whatever comes to mind. I like mostly the fact that it is possible to see the result of programming. For a long time already I want to build quadrocopter.”


Alexandr Iscenco

Alexandr is a passionate maker and experienced eco-innovator, who believes in and contributes to a vision of a sustainable world created by a perfect balance of nature, people, and technologies.

Alexandr is a graduate of the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) with Master in Environmental Economics. He also studied at the University of California, Berkeley (USA) and the University of Oslo (Norway). Additionally he volunteered for numerous organizations, such as AIESEC and JCI.

Alexandr has learned about electronics, robotics, and programming from numerous courses and experiments.  During 3 years of teaching social robotics he has organized more than 30 workshops, educated more than 100 young people, and spoken about the domain of robotics, eco-innovations, and IoT at about 10 local and international conferences.


Are you passionate about robotics, hardware innovations, and IoT?

Do you have the skills and experience to teach what you know about electronics, robotics, and programming?

Would you like to contribute to the development of new generations of innovators with engineer mindset and interest in social robotics?

If your answer to all these questions is "YES!", then join the Trainers Team of FACE ROBOTS now!



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